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What is an external hard drive and why should you add one to your computer arsenal? External hard drives and disk drives are devices that provide additional memory capacity to your laptop, notebook, or desktop. Use an external hard drive/disk drive to store all of your family photos, or to automatically backup your computer on a weekly basis to avoid data loss.

Devices Technology Store stocks a range of Transcend internal/external disk drives, Flash Disks & accessories. Before ordering an external hard drive or disk drive, consider how you will use the device. Is portability a consideration or are you more concerned with the amount of data you can store on your disk drive? Consider external hard drives, internal hard drives, flash memory cards, flash drives, optical drives, network attached storage (also called NAS devices), or solid state drives. Whether portability or storage capacity is your main concern, check out our huge selection of external hard drives and disk drives and you will no longer have to ask yourself ‘What is a Hard Drive?’

While the portable hard disk makes it easy to carry around, it does not mean that there is compromise on the storage capacity as these HDDs have varying storage capacities. There are those that store data up to 128GB to the 3TB versions.

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