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Buy High-quality UPS Power Backup in Kenya.

Although there are many UPS suppliers in Kenya, Devices Technology Store only stocks top quality brands of UPS power backups in Kenya to give you the best performance of your electronics. This will ensure that the equipment get the right power to run effectively so that they can function better and last longer.

We offer high-quality UPS power backup in Kenya at pocket-friendly prices. This has made us a favourite shop for people looking for credible UPS dealers in Kenya.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems take up a significant segment of the total market of power backup systems in Kenya. You must have a basic understanding of how they work so that you can make an informed choice when buying the UPS that best fits your requirements.

The following information will serve as a guide when buying your next UPS from us. We believe that an informed customer is a smart customer.

What is a UPS?

A UPS is a device that provides emergency or short-term power to equipment in the event of a sudden main power outage, under-voltage, or over voltage. UPS units offer power protection to equipment such as desktop computers, routers, Home theatre equipment, gaming consoles, and modems. They protect the equipment from damage, and in the case of computers and gaming consoles, allow for saving of work and proper shutting down, minimizing or preventing data loss.

In case of a blackout, or any other power fluctuation, the UPS switches immediately over to battery power to continue supporting the equipment for the length of the battery runtime. UPS runtime varies and depends on on how much power the equipment is using. The backup battery gives you time to power down sensitive equipment, servers, or even video game consoles without loss of data.

There are two general divisions of UPS power backup for computers and other equipment. These are Double Conversion Online UPS and line-interactive UPS:

  • A Double Conversion Online UPS accepts the alternating current (AC) input, changes it to direct current (DC), and then changes it back to AC for powering the connected device.
  • A line-interactive UPS redirects the battery’s DC current path from the normal charging mode to supplying current when power is lost.

UPS for sale in Kenya

Besides UPS prices in Kenya, what other factors do you need to consider when buying your next power backup system for your office or home equipment? You need to consider the following:

What equipment are you going to connect it to?

Generally, these will be computers, switches, routers, and gaming consoles. Once you have noted the number of devices, identify the UPS that has the number of power socket outlets that can accommodate all of them.

How much power do the devices need?

Check the power rating of each equipment. This is usually written in most equipments. Finally, get the sum total of the power for all your equipments. We advise that you get a UPS that has a power capacity that is at least 25% higher than the total power you need. We have UPS with different power ratings such us;
500VA UPS, 600VA UPS, 650VA UPS, 690VA UPS, 700VA UPS, 750VA UPS, 800VA UPS, 850VA UPS, 860VA UPS, 900VA UPS, 1000VA UPS, 1050VA UPS, 1060VA UPS, 1200VA UPS 1400VA UPS, 1500VA UPS, 1550VA UPS,2000VA UPS, 2200VA UPS, 2250VA UPS, 3000VA UPS, 5000VA UPS, 6000VA UPS, 8000VA UPS, 10000VA UPS

How much support time (runtime) do you need?

Generally, you need a UPS to afford you enough time to properly save your files and properly shut down the equipment or switch over to an alternative power source.

What Type of UPS do you need?

Line-interactive UPS is the most commonly used type of UPS and is also the most economical. It is adequate for equipment such as computers, TV’s, routers etc. The line-interactive UPS is the most flexible and provides a good trade-off between cost and functionality. The double conversion online UPS is best for providing clean power output regardless of the power source and best for mission critical equipments.

Which form factor do you need?

The form factor of a UPS refers to the shape and size of its housing. The most common 3 types are desktop UPS , tower UPS and rackmount UPS.
When choosing the form factor, the main consideration is where you are going to use it. A desktop UPS can fit nicely under a desk, unnoticed. A tower will have a pleasant aesthetic design making it an option to sit on top of a desk or table. A rackmount UPS works well in server rooms.

Tower UPS are the most common as they tend to be cheaper and are easier to fit in bigger batteries. For this category, we offer the best computer UPS price in Kenya.

Rack mount form factors belong to the server cabinets and perfect for backing up your network equipments.

Does it Have a Product Warranty?

We offer 1 year warranty support for our UPS systems.

By putting the six factors into consideration, you can ensure that you buy the most ideal UPS that matches your requirements at the best computer UPS price in Kenya. You can then have peace of mind because your home or office equipment will be protected in the best way possible.


If you have equipment such as a computer, home theatre, gaming console, or router, you need a UPS to protect them from damage caused by sudden changes in utility power.

There are many factors that you need to consider when shopping for your next UPS. These factors include how many devices are going to be connected, how much backup runtime you need, and where you are going to use it. By following the factors we have indicated above.

Devices Technology Store is among the leading UPS suppliers in Kenya. We are very competitive when it comes to UPS prices in Kenya.

We have highly qualified and dedicated staff members who are fully committed to attending to you and fulfilling your expectations and giving you the best advice you need.