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Are you looking for printer shops in Kenya to buy your next printer for your office or home use? Devices Technology store has the best prices of printers in Kenya. Moreover, we stock wide variety of printers and scanners with top brand such as HP Printers, Epson Printers, Brother Printers, Canon Printers and Kyocera Printers.

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To convert a digital file into a hard copy, you need a printer, and to convert a physical document to a digital one, you need a document scanner. There are many brands and types of printers and scanners in the market to choose from. With just a bit of homework on your part, you can buy the right printer or scanner that fits your budget from us today.

We have Wide Variety of Printers for Sale in Kenya at Best Prices

Our store is among the best and affordable printer shops in Kenya. We sell top brands such as HP, Epson, Brother, Canon, and Kyocera. This include different types of printer technologies such as laser printers, inkjet printers, dot matrix printers, thermal printers, ETR machines, label printers and photocopy machines.

Types of printers and scanners

Laser printers use toners, which is a coloured or a black powder. The benefits include high print resolution; speed, high print volume and they do not easily smear on the printing paper. They are the best choice for printing mass quantities regularly.

Inkjet printers use ink cartridges and print by shooting a spray of ink onto paper. They are popular because they are affordable. They can print fast, easy to use, and produce a high-quality print.

Dot matrix printers use pins to hit on a ribbon cartridge to form characters on paper. Although they cannot produce high-quality work like laser and inkjet, they have a feature that the others do not have. They print using impact and therefore can produce multiple copies of a document at the same time using carbon copying. They are a definite choice where multipart forms are needed.

Thermal printers produce text on thermal roll papers using heat. They do not use toner or ink but depend on thermal papers to produce images. They are mostly used in the banking, airline, healthcare, retail, and entertainment industries. Because of their speed, they are used for generating sales receipts.

Electronic Tax Register / ETR machines are used to record transactions and print tax receipts for customers. They improve cash flow and stop fraud.

Label Printers are special-purpose printers that have been formatted to print tags, labels, and bar codes on labels rolls that are self-adhesive. They can print tear sheet stock and rolled stock. Others can even print on foil and film surfaces.

Factors affecting prices of printers in Kenya.

When considering the prices of printers in Kenya, you need to bear in mind factors such as whether they are single or multifunctional printers.

Many printers come as single-function printers but some are multifunctional printers. The multi-functional ones may consolidate printer with scanner or even add-on photocopier and fax. They come in handy if you are keen on reducing costs, improving workflow, and consolidating your assets.

The advantages of multi-function printers include:

  • Being able to print, scan, photocopy and send a fax from a single machine is quite convenient.
  • Reduced electricity costs. You only need one cord to power the machine. This reduces the congestion of many cables crisscrossing your office and saves on the amount of power needed to run the device.
  • They save space. Rather than finding separate spaces for your printer, photocopier, scanner, and fax, you only have one device in one spot.

Some of the disadvantages of multifunction printers are; if one functionality fails, all the other functions may also fail. The in-built scanner, for example, may lack some features found in a stand-alone scanner, and the quality of performance may be lower.

Are You Looking For Used Printers for Sale in Kenya?

Although we mainly retail brand new printers, we also sell second-hand ones. Printing technology doesn’t change often, therefore buying a used printer doesn’t necessarily mean that you will miss out on any new features.

The obvious benefit of buying a used printer is that you save money. Another benefit is the ready availability of consumables such as toners and ink cartridges.

How Much Is a Printer In Kenya?

Printer prices in Kenya are determined by many factors such as; the brand, whether it’s new or used, the range of paper sizes it can print on, the speed and whether it’s monochrome or colour, and whether it has finishing capabilities such as stapling.  For example, a brand new printer costs more than a used one, and a colour printer costs more than a black and white one.

A good rule of thumb is that the more features a printer comes with, the more expensive it is.

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Devices Technology Store is among the authorised printer shops in Nairobi of various brands of printers. We are an online store and you can order your printer online and have it delivered to you anywhere in Kenya. But should you want to shop directly, we have a physical shop in the Nairobi CBD. Our highly trained professional staff will attend and guide you to select the best printer for your needs.

We offer free delivery within Nairobi CBD.

We also sell Document Scanners

Printers with scanners may save you the need to buy a separate scanner, but if you need fast and high-quality scans, consider buying a standalone scanner.

We sell all kinds of scanners; Flatbed scanners, Sheet-fed scanners and barcode scanners. Flatbed scanners provide a flat glass surface to hold the paper that is being scanned. The scan head moves back and forth under the glass.

Sheet-fed scanners are very fast and comes with ADF for easier scanning. The paper travels across a stationary scan head and are the best option for heavy scan tasks.

Drum scanners capture an image in the highest resolution. Transparencies and photos are taped and fitted into a clear drum that is spun at very high speeds. A source of light that focuses on one pixel, beams onto the drum, and moves down a line at a time. This produces very high-quality scans.

Barcode scanners are used to scan bar codes and QR codes in the product labels.


You need a high-quality printer and scanner to achieve your business and personal goals.

We stock many different brands, models, and types of printers and scanners for you. Choosing one that fits your needs should not be a stressful exercise if you do your homework well.

Prices of printers in Kenya vary widely depending on various factors including whether they are brand new or used. Our prices are pocket-friendly and rank among the best printer prices in Kenya. Visit us today for amazing deals. For more enquiries, call us on 0718 096 560

We offer free delivery of document scanners and printers in Nairobi CBD. To the rest of Kenya, we deliver at minimal fees.