Wide Range and Best Wifi Router Prices in Kenya

Are you looking for affordable and best wifi routers in kenya? Shop with us and get the best wifi router prices in Kenya today. In stock we have wide range of router models to choose from such as TP-Link Routers, D-Link Routers, Huawei Routers, ZTE Routers, Tenda Routers, Cisco Routers, Mikrotik Routers, Ubiquiti Routers, Cambium Routers, Linksys Routers, TOTOLINK Routers and Teltonika Routers.

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High-Performance and Affordable Routers for Sale in Kenya

Whether you are looking for an enterprise standard network router for your business or just the best router for home use in Kenya, Devices Technology store has in stock wide variety and the best router prices in Kenya. Buy 3G/4G routers if you do not have an internet service provider (ISP) and use a mobile operator simcard to get connected to the internet. Moreover, if you like to get connected while on the go, consider a portable mifi router and we have the best mifi prices in Kenya. Routers are key components of network and internet infrastructure and we have high quality routers from top manufacturers in the world. We have an in-depth knowledge of different types of routers and we supply the best routers in Kenya.

What to Consider When Buying routers in Kenya. 

A router is a device that allows communication between the internet and your local network of computers and other devices. It enables you to access the Internet and use it to gather information and learn, to communicate and collaborate as well as entertainment.

We have wired and wireless routers in stock. Wired routers connect directly to your computers and other devices through ethernet cables. They normally have a port that connects to an ISP modem to communicate to the internet and another port or ports through which to connect to your laptops and other devices. 

Wireless routers connect to an ISP modem directly by cable or fiber. This enables communication with the internet and then it creates a wifi hotspot via antennas to connect with your network  devices

Wired connections are usually faster than wireless connections, but not as convenient. We have some of the best WiFi router prices in Kenya.

How Routers Work

You need to understand how routers work so that you avoid buying the wrong network router and also get the best deals on router prices in Kenya.   

Routers “route” network data, using packets between the internet and your devices such as tablets, personal computers, printers, and smartphones. The packets could contain data such as web interactions, files, and other communications.

We have many routers for sale in Kenya that can also protect your gadgets from malware and other unwanted content from bad actors on the internet. They do this using content filtering software and an embedded firewall. They give you additional layer of protection in addition to the internet security software installed in your devices

Some routers can also allow you to connect hard drives via USB ports, and use them as servers to share files within the network. In addition connect network printers that can be accessed by anyone on the network.

How to Choose a Router for Your Home or Business

If your router is too slow, or its wireless range cannot reach relevant places in your home, you may require a wifi range extender which means extra cost. A good router will keep your network running smoothly, and at the same time maximize your bandwidth. We sell the best routers for home use in Kenya.

The following is what to consider before you buy a router.

Bandwidth. The more the users the greater the bandwidth needed for maximum performance and great user experience. We have in stock routers that have sufficient bandwidth for your needs and are the best routers for home use in Kenya.

WiFi or MiFi? WiFi is a technology that gives wireless connectivity to devices via a hotspot. MiFi is a device that through a process called tethering, gives connectivity to other devices. MiFi uses SIM cards. MiFi can also be referred to as portable WiFi router. We sell the best portable WiFi routers in Kenya. WiFi technology has different standards. WiFi 6 is the latest and offers higher speeds, especially when many devices are connected simultaneously. It is compatible with older Wi-Fi standards. We have the latest Wi-Fi routers that can support WiFi 6 at the best Wi-Fi router prices in Kenya. 

A MiFi is your device if you are looking for powerful portable WiFi connectivity. We not only sell the best MiFi in Kenya but also give you the best MiFi prices in Kenya

Connectivity. We sell routers that have sufficient types and numbers of ports such as Ethernet and USB. This ensures that you are not hampered in connecting all your devices, and allows you to add more devices you may need in the future.  

Easy Setup and Management. Most routers give an interface that is browser-based and connects directly to the router, for you to perform setup and admin tasks. Some come with mobile apps that have intuitive interfaces and enable easier setup.  

Security. We sell routers that have WPA or WPA 2 password protection. They also have firewall software that automatically scans incoming traffic for viruses, ransomware, malware, and other harmful content.  

Flexibility. We have routers that have power over the ethernet (PoE) ports. PoE port gives both power and data to external devices such as CCTV cameras. This does away with cabling and gives extra flexibility to your network. 

Automatic Updates. Some routers have updatable software that requires regular updates to maintain security and performance. The router manufacturers regularly update their device software. 

Customizable configurations. This lets you manage traffic on the network, parental controls, guest networks, and security settings. Our routers’ configurations can be managed from an app thus making this process very easy.

Guest Networks. A guest WiFi network is a separate access point on your router. All of your home devices are connected to one point and joined as a network, and the guest network is a different point that provides access to the Internet, but not to your home or business network. A guest network will give connectivity to your visitors, whilst limiting access to business files and devices. This provides an important layer of security. 

Quality of Service Controls. This feature enables you to restrict the use of the network to down or upstream transmissions, specify bandwidth for users and control certain types of use such as gaming. This feature additionally helps you to monitor network use as well as improve security.  

Mesh Networks. A mesh network lets you place many WiFi transmitters across your office or home, in one network. Mesh network requires a router that has got this capability built-in. We sell such routers and they are the best WiFi routers in Kenya.  


Your local network facilitates your online life. Your router plays a key role in working behind the scenes to ensure everything is working well. Your internet service provider (ISP) is the ultimate determiner of your maximum bandwidth and speed. Your router, however, can break your network if you choose the wrong one. 
Your router helps get the most out of the internet speed you have bought from your internet service provider (ISP).
Buying routers from us will ensure that you buy the right router. We sell the best routers in Kenya in terms of performance and price. 
We sell routers at different price points and ours are the best router prices in Kenya.