Motorbike Trackers in Nairobi at Affordable Price

Cases of Bodaboda theft in Kenya has continued to rise over the years and most motorbikes vanish without a trace! Majority of motorbikes in Kenyan roads are not fitted with security devices such as motorbike trackers and alarms system to mitigate the risk of theft. This is due to the high cost of installing the security devices in the motorbike that is unaffordable to many Bodaboda riders. Devices Technology Store is a Kenyan Company that has been in existence since 2017. We provide solutions to these challenges in the Bodaboda industry and offer quality affordable gps motorbike trackers in Nairobi. We have been in this BodaBoda space for long and do understand the market and challenges faced by bodaboda riders in matters security. Over the years, we've also partnered with many players such as financial institutions and have seen great improvement in the numbers of recoveries and culprits apprehended as a result of motorbike theft thanks to motorbike trackers! If you want an affordable security solution to your motorbike, please reach to us on 0713 615568 | 0718 096560 or email sales@devicestech.co.ke today!

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