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Welcome to the best online shop and the best laptop shop in Nairobi. Buy genuine and quality laptops from top leading manufacturers in the world. We have HP laptops, Dell laptops, Lenovo laptops, Asus laptops, Macbooks, and Microsoft surface pros that are the best laptops in Kenya. Browse our broad laptop catalogue below for guaranteed best price of laptops in Kenya.

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We Retail the Best Laptops in Kenya that Fits Your Budget and Meets Your Needs

Buying a laptop that meets your needs and fits your budget can be quite a challenging and stressful task. There are so many laptop models with varying specifications to choose from. Technology is also changing so fast that your preferred model may be out of date before it is delivered to you!
You must do your homework well before you buy a laptop so that you get value for money and avoid making a costly mistake that you will regret later.
At Devices Technology Store, we stock the best laptops in Kenya and we also have highly trained professionals to guide you in making the right choice .

Why buy your next laptop from Devices Technology Store?

We Retail only the Top Brands

The quality of your laptop is only as good as the company that manufactured it. To ensure that you, our customer, gets the best value for money, we only retail laptops from leading manufacturers in the world; HP, Lenovo, Dell, Asus, Acer, and Microsoft. These companies have a track record of manufacturing high-quality laptops that score highly on all buying criteria.

These brands are very popular and constitute the biggest percentage of the overall laptop sales in Kenya in any given year. You never go wrong by buying them.

Here is a list of high quality and the best brands of laptops that we sell;

Our Prices are Affordable

When you look at the general price of laptops in Kenya, ours are pocket-friendly and compare well with those of other online stores in the region. Additionally, our laptops come with a warranty guarantee. We provide a 1 year warranty guarantee for all brand new laptops purchased from our shop.

We also sell Refurbished Laptops in Kenya

Apart from brand new laptops, we also sell refurbished ones.
A refurbished laptop does not necessarily mean a used one only. It also means the laptop was returned to the manufacturer for some reason, looked over carefully, cleaned with special chemicals, repaired and upgraded as necessary, and then resold with a longer warranty period.

Some of the reasons for returning the laptop could be; somebody discovered he had ordered the wrong model or the screen had a scratch or software issues.

The benefits of buying a refurbished laptop include:

  • Spending up to 50% less the price of a new laptop, and still get quality service as that of a brand new. This means refurbished laptops are among the cheap laptops in Kenya.
  • You get a machine that has been thoroughly checked and tested and can serve you for a long time just like a new laptop

Ex UK laptops in Kenya

The most popular refurbished laptops that we sell are the Ex UK laptops. These are mostly shipped from UK and Dubai and sold in the local Kenya market.

Visit our Physical Shop

We are an online store. You can order your laptop online and have it delivered to you anywhere in Kenya. But should you want to shop directly, we have a physical shop. It is among the many laptop shops in Nairobi but we endeavor to distinguish ourselves by having a highly trained professional staff that will attend and guide you.

The following criteria below will serve as a guide to help you make the right choice.

What to Consider when Buying a Laptop

Which Operating System (OS) does it come with?

Windows operating systems are the most flexible and popular, followed by MacOS and Chrome OS.
If you are a student, researcher, or businessman, go for a Windows laptop or a MacBook. If you are buying for your child, go for a Chromebook because it is difficult to infect with viruses and malware. It is also more functional than a tablet.

What is the size of the screen?

Unlike RAM and hard disks, the size of the screen cannot be upgraded later, so choose wisely. If your priority is portability then buy one with a small screen. But if you want one with more features such as long battery life, then buy one with a bigger screen.

Is the keyboard of good quality?

If the laptop will mainly be used for typing, then buy one with a comfortable keyboard that has enough space between keys. Consider also backlit keyboards as they are the best when working in the darkness.

What is the quality of the screen?

If you are going to be looking at the screen for long hours, then go for one with a high resolution, that’s natural to use and comfortable to the eye.

Is the CPU speed good enough for what I want to use the laptop for?

The CPU is the “brains” of your laptop computer and has a very big influence on performance. Generally, Intel Core Processors offer the best performance for many tasks. Below is a list laptops with different processors inside that you can choose from.

Is the battery life decent?

If your laptop will be used mostly outdoors, then go for one that has a battery that can last at least 7 hours.

Does it have enough RAM?

8 GB is generally considered the minimum. More RAM means that more applications can be run simultaneously which is handy for tasks such as video and photo editing.

Is it fitted with the traditional Hard Drive or Solid State Drive (SSD)?

Purchase one that has a Solid State Drive (SSD). It boots and loads applications faster. It also runs more quietly than the one with the traditional Hard Drive.

Does it have great Wi-Fi connectivity?

Find out the Wi-Fi speed of the network card. 5GHz does well for any online task. Also check the Wi-Fi standard supported. Wifi 6 is the fastest and most recent standard. Earlier standards are Wifi ac/b/g

Does it have enough ports?

Buy one that has several USB ports and also an HDMI port. Many peripherals now require at least USB 3.0 to function at all.

Does it have fingerprint readers?

Someone can guess your password but not your fingerprint. A fingerprint reader will assure the security of the contents of your machine.

How is the audio capability? Does it have good internal speakers?

If you are going to use the laptop to play music or videos, then choose one that has got good quality, internal speakers.

Is the build quality sturdy enough to withstand falls and rough handling?

You may be very careful with the way you handle your laptop but once in a while it may be accidentally dropped or knocked. Find out how much the manufacturer has tested it to withstand falls, rain, and dust.


Buying a laptop can be a daunting task considering the very wide range of models to choose from. However, when you do your homework well and look at the different buying criteria, the experience can be less stressful and you will end up owning one of the best laptops in Kenya, that fits your budget and which will give you quality service for a long time.