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Printer Toners and Cartridges

We are one of the best printer cartridge and toner suppliers in Nairobi.

Are you looking for genuine printer cartridges and toners in Kenya at affordable prices? Devices technology store is one of the best and trusted printer cartridge and toner suppliers in Nairobi. We sell major printer cartridges and toner models for different types of printers and photocopier machines. Our stock varieties includes different brands for printer toners and printer cartridges such as the HP Toners and cartridges, Samsung Toners and Cartridges, Brother cartridges and Toners, Canon cartridges and Toners, Epson Cartridges and Toners, Kyocera Toners and Cartridges, Lexmark Toners and Cartridges among many others.

Are you skeptical while buying printer cartridges, Nairobi?

Over the years, we have seen proliferation of cheap counterfeit printer cartridges and toners in Kenya. We at Devices Technology Store have established quality control measures of our printer products and we’ve partnered with the major manufacturers to protect the consumers from counterfeits that usually end up reducing the life span or even damaging the printer hence ruining the reputation of the manufacturer. Cheap counterfeit toners in Kenya has resulted into an emergence of rogue toner suppliers in Nairobi who a reaping big from the unsuspecting consumers.

Buy genuine and original HP cartridges, Kenya from us today.

We’ve partnered with several players in the industry such as the Canon toners Kenya and the HP cartridges Kenya among others which has ensured that we sell quality, genuine Canon and HP toners in Kenya as well as giving you the best and affordable HP cartridges and HP toner prices in Kenya.  Ultimately we have become among the best printer toner suppliers in Nairobi, Kenya.

We are a one-stop shop on matters to do with printing.

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Browse our extensive range of printer products just to name a few below;-

Some of the Cartridges & Toner available are;-

  • HP 121 Black & Tri-Color Cartridge.
  • Canon CL-511 Tri-Color Cartridge.
  • Canon PG-510 Black Cartridge.
  • HP 123 Black & Tri-Color Cartridge.
  • 21 Black & 22 HP Tri-Color Cartridges.
  • HP 933 Cyan, Yellow & Magenta Officejet Cartridge.

Enjoy now the convenience of online shopping today from us. Order your toner or ink cartridge online and have it delivered to you anywhere in Kenya. Call us today! 0718 096 560