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The market for printer cartridges and toners in Kenya is growing and varied. We are well conversant with what you need and we stock toner and ink cartridges for most common printer brands in Kenya.  In store we have HP TonersHP Ink CartridgesHP InksKyocera tonersRicoh TonersCanon Ink CartridgesCanon InksBrother Ink CartridgesBrother Refill Inks and Epson inks. This ensures that consumers and businesses who buy from us get value for their money. Our prices are among the best ink and toner prices in Kenya. We offer the best deals without sacrificing quality.

  • Canon toner C-EXV 65 black, yield 17,500 pages.
  • Compatibility: The C-EXV 65 Black toner cartridge is compatible with specific Canon printer and copier models.
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    Get High-Quality and the best toner prices in Kenya

    Not having the right printer cartridge when you need it can throw your business workflow into disarray, costing you both time and money. You need to conduct your research before buying so that you avoid buying counterfeit cartridges and get the right toner or ink cartridge that is compatible with your printer and offers you the page yield and print quality that you desire.

    What You Need To Know Before Buying a Printer Cartridge

    There are many counterfeit cartridges in the market. You need to do your homework before buying. This is to avoid learning the hard way that what you have bought is counterfeit, when the cartridge fails to work as expected.
    Most people make the mistake of using the terms ink and toner interchangeably. They are not the same. Your printer is either toner-based or ink-based and therefore you need to know the difference, lest you buy toner for your ink-based printer or vice versa.

    Ink is a liquid and toner is a powder. Inks are for inkjet printers and toners are for laser printers.

    Avoid making a mistake when buying your printer toners and cartridges in Kenya

    What type of printer do you have? If you own an inkjet printer, you should buy an ink cartridge but if have a laser printer, you should buy a toner cartridge. All printer cartridges are labelled with part numbers from the manufacturers. Use this number when buying so that the right cartridge can be delivered to you. In case you have trouble identifying the exact printer cartridge you need, our technical team is ready to assist you.

    What toner and ink type do you need? We have original toners, original inks, compatible toners and replacement inks.
    Originals are the best quality and most expensive when it comes to toner and printer cartridge price in Kenya. Although they are expensive, they are reliable and offer high quality prints.
    Compatible toners are made by third party companies and are made to work with specific printers. They are more affordable than the original ones and are made to be just as reliable.
    We also have the option of you having refilled cartridges. You just need to buy refilling ink from us. Ours is a pocket-friendly printer ink price in Kenya. We are among the most trusted ink and toner suppliers in Nairobi and the rest of Kenya. You can rest assured that our refilling inks and refilled cartridges are of good quality and will not damage your printer.

    What do you intend to use it for?  If you intend to print huge number of pages, you should opt to buy the less expensive compatible toners or replacement inks rather than the original ones. We offer the best cartridge prices in Kenya and have express delivery to any part of the country. Buying from us will save you both time and money.
    If you are going to do high-volume print jobs, you should consider buying cartridges in bulk rather than in singles. This will afford you good discounts.

    What is your page requirement? To get value for your money, you need to buy the cartridge that will give you the highest page yield. Checking the product code for an “X” as labelled by the manufacturer, will help you to identify the high yield cartridge.

    How to Avoid Buying Counterfeit Printer toners and cartridges in Kenya

    Counterfeit printer cartridges and toners are not good because the quality of the toner or ink cartridge is usually poor resulting in low-quality prints. The cheap quality of the cartridges can wear down and damage your printer.

    How can you tell a counterfeit printer cartridge? Because counterfeits look exactly like original brand-name cartridges, you will need to exercise greater scrutiny when buying. You need to look out for the following:

    1. Beware of questionable vendors. Their websites often look cheap and outdated. When you buy from us you avoid this pitfall because we rank among the best trusted and credible ink and toner suppliers in Nairobi and the rest of the country.
    1. Prices that are too good to be true. If the price is more than 50% off the standard price, then tread carefully. If the deal is too good think twice. Fake vendors will offer you prices that are unrealistic compared to the general printer cartridge price in Kenya. When you research ink and toner cartridge price in Kenya, you will find that our prices are realistic and compare well with what other credible vendors in the market are offering.
    1. Shady Packaging. Counterfeit cartridges normally come in questionable packaging; faded brand logo, visible damage to the cartridge, no pull-tab tape seal across the ink port, and leaked toner dust or ink. When you buy from us, you are assured that our product packaging is top-notch because we retail original brands of toners and ink cartridges in Kenya.
    1. Inferior print quality. The counterfeit cartridge will give you bad print; distorted text, overrunning ink, and inaccurate colors.
    1. Printer alert. Some printer models may alert you that the printer cartridge you have just put in might not be genuine.


    The importance of researching before buying a printer cartridge cannot be overemphasized. There are many vendors of ink cartridges and toners in Kenya but telling those who sell counterfeit products from those who sell genuine ones will require great scrutiny. One way to tell is that the counterfeit cartridges are priced very low compared to the average toner and cartridge prices in Kenya.
    We sell genuine printer cartridges from brands such as Brother, Epson, HP, and Canon. Ours are affordable ink and toner prices in Kenya.  Visit us or order online today and get quality and original products with warranty support.