Best GPS Trackers in Kenya

We are leaders in the sales of the best GPS trackers in Kenya and understand what works and what does not. We sell high quality car trackers and motorbike trackers at very affordable prices in Nairobi, Kenya. With advancement of modern GPS technology, you can now accurately locate your car, motorbikes, boats , pets and even loved ones with pinhole precision.

We stock high quality car GPS trackers from top leading manufacturers in the world with industry expertise in GPS solutions. Buy the best GPS trackers in Nairobi such as Teltonika GPS Trackers, Concox GPS Trackers, Jimi GPS Trackers, Coban GPS Trackers, Cantrack GPS Trackers, and Sinotrack GPS Trackers and get it delivered or installed to your vehicles or motorbikes countrywide.

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Best GPS Trackers in Kenya, Car Trackers and Motorbike Trackers

Buy high quality Car trackers and Motorbike Trackers in Kenya today!

New opportunities comes with own challenges. Over the past few years, the number of motorbikes in Kenya has skyrocketed thanks to the subsidy by the Government. With this new opportunity come the challenges of solving the high number of motorbike thefts in Kenya.

Devices Technology store is trying to solve these challenges by making the availability of motorbike GPS trackers readily available at affordable prices in Kenya. Studies have shown that 7 out of 10 stolen motorbikes are recovered by use of GPS trackers. With modern technology, now you can accurately locate you motorbike with precision.

We sell high-quality GPS trackers at affordable prices in Nairobi, Kenya. Our trackers comes with cools features such as real-time tracking using free mobile App, speed and mileage, engine switch off incase of an emergency, route playbacks and many other cool features.