Jabra Speak2 55


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  • Number of microphones: 4
  • Microphone type: Digital MEMS
  • Ideal for room sizes: Up to 4.5m x 4.5m | 14.76ft x 14.76ft
  • Peak audio output: 85 dBspl @ 0.5m
  • Microphone pick up range: Up to 2.3m | 7.55ft
  • Acoustic echo cancellation (AEC): Yes
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    In Stock

    Buy Jabra Speak2 55 in Nairobi, Kenya

    Next-generation flexible speakerphone with outstanding professional audio.

    Instant meeting room

    Your office desk. Your box room-slash-home-office. A treehouse at the bottom of the garden. With a little imagination (and some cutting-edge audio engineering), you can magically make any place a meeting space. Just by pressing the ‘On’ switch.

    Speak2 55 is an upgrade in every sense of the word, bringing dramatically more powerful sound, ultra-advanced microphone technology and added flexibility. All you need to bring is, well, you.

    It goes both ways

    Flashback to that time you quietly said “Mmmhmm” to show you were listening and engaged and it cut the presenter off mid-sentence, interrupting the meeting for everyone (cringe). Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. That’s why the new Speak2 Range is our first to be engineered with advanced full duplex audio.

    This clever technology preserves the natural ebb and flow of real face-to-face conversations by allowing everyone to speak and be heard at the same time. Which means more natural conversations (and fewer awkward moments).

    Make the unmissable, unmissable

    Voices are important in meetings. The sound of Sandra clicking her pen or your washing machine spin cycle, not so much. The next generation of the world-leading Speak Series* each feature four cutting-edge beamforming microphones with state-of-the-art noise-cancellation.

    This powerful technology picks up sound from all directions and expertly filters out disruptive background noise, like Janice munching biscuits. So, when your boss says, “take the afternoon off”, you won’t miss it.

    Different. But the same.

    People are at their most brilliant when they can be themselves. Your softly-spoken colleagues shouldn’t have to shout to be heard. Just like you wouldn’t want your more excitable colleagues to feel like they have to ‘reign it in’. So we engineered the full Speak2 Range with our revolutionary new Voice Level Normalization.

    This advanced voice technology equalises all voices to the same volume level, so everyone is free to express themselves in the way that comes naturally, and there’s no need to keep fiddling with the volume.

    Go big (and go home)

    Great sound is so OG Speak. Speak2 is all about BIG sound. You know, the kind that fills up the room, so you don’t have to lean in to get what’s being said and every little detail is clear as a bell.

    Our full-range 50mm speaker with wideband audio captures and delivers sound across a wide range of frequencies, so you can take big sound with you wherever you work best.

    Together from wherever

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re working from your kitchen table, your office desk or your treehouse, if your speaker works smoothly with your virtual meeting platform, you can get together anywhere.

    Speak2 55 is certified for all leading platforms (which means it optimises the whole experience and delivers professional call quality every time). So whether you prefer to jump on Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Zoom, you can rely on seamless plug-and-play connectivity and reliably brilliant meetings right from the get-go.