Maverick 650 Line Interactive UPS


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Key Features:

  • Equipped with Boost and Buck AVR.
  • Green Power Function for energy saving.
  • DC Start Function.
  • Auto restart while AC recovery.
  • Compact Size, Light Weight.
  • Provides AC Overload protection.
  • Microprocessor control guarantees high reliability.
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Maverick 650 Line Interactive UPS

Don’t lose your work when the power suddenly cuts off – you know it will happen, over and over again. If you don’t have the protection of a UPS power backup, you’ll be in a lot of misery. The Maverick 650 Line Interactive UPS  is the power bank you need for short power backup support.

Mercury UPS is widely used in Nigeria because they provide dependable service, ensuring you critical appliances are protected from sudden shut-down and, in the case of UPS supporting PCs, your data is not suddenly lost. What’s more, these Mercury UPS also provide voltage regulation functionality, protecting your equipment from the impact of power fluctuations.

The Maverick 650 Line Interactive UPS has an output rating of 390W. It can support some basic low power consumption appliances in the home or office. Depending on the load, it can provide up to 10 – 18 minutes backup.


  • Input voltage: 220VAC.
  • Input frequency: 50Hz.
  • Input phase: Single phase.
  • Input socket: With Fuse.
  • Cold Start (0 to 100% load): Press the ON/OFF switch.
  • Input range (220V): 140V-300V.
  • Rating output (VA).: 650VA.
  • Rating output (W).: 390W.
  • Rating output (W).: Battery mode(simulated sine wave),
  • AC mode (sine wave).
  • Power factor: 0.6.
  • Rating voltage: 220V.
  • Output range: 220Vac-7%+15% ( in battery mode ).
  • Rear Output Socket: universal – Battery backup.
  • Transfer time: TYPICAL 4-8 ms.


InputVoltage: 220VAC
Voltage Range: 142-282VAC
Frequency: >40Hz (Auto Sensing)
OutputVoltage: 220VAC
Voltage Regulation (Batt. Mode) : +/- 10%
Frequency : 50Hz
Frequency Regulation(Batt. Mode) : +/- Hz
Output Waveform : Modified sinewave
BatteryBattery Type : 12V7Ah x 1
Backup Time(at a PC load with 15* monitor): 10-15 minutes
Recharge Time : 6 hrs to 90% after complete discharge
Transfer TimeTypical: 4-8 ms
Audible AlarmBackup mode : Sounding every 10 secs
Battery low : sounding every 1 sec
Overload : Sounding every 0.5 sec
Fault : continuous sounding
Back/boost with > 70% : Sounding every 0.5 sec
SPS load : after 25 min & fault after 30 min
ProtectionFull Protection : Discharge, Overcharge & Overload Pr

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